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We provide professional and affordable senior care.

Senior care products and services – Silver monitor are the perfect option for elderly who want to stay in their own homes, but need assistance to do so. We help families by taking time to understand their needs and then providing custom solution.


So how does Silver monitor


24/7 Support

We enable continuous health care and safety monitoring for seniors. Our products have built-in alarm system and can be accessed from anywhere.


Silver monitor web app provides various safety insights and health data. This information is available to family members, caregivers and health care professionals.

Simple to use

Our smartwatches are simple, robust and easy to use for seniors. They require no mobile phone and measure blood pressure, heart rate, activity, time, location.


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Silver monitor health dashboard
Silver monitor web app
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Safety and piece of mind

When is Silver monitor helpful?

Chronic illness or the diagnosis of a permanent condition like Alzheimer’s disease, heart or blood pressure issues can be monitored and regulated with our products and services. Our wearable product enables you 0/24 monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, activity, location, fall detection.

Has your senior family member recently experienced an illness or injury and needs help with recovery? May- be after a stay in the hospital, they don’t have as much strength, as they did before. A fall, like an illness, can make it a lot harder for them to fulfill their regular responsibilities and care for themselves. Our web applica- tion will enable you to see their recovery process and detect falls and injuries on a daily basis.

Maybe a permanent caregiver, whether a spouse or a child are not available due to circumstances like a vacation, business, or an illness. When this happens, our health and safety system can step in. Our wearable product has an built-in ALARM and activation button on top. This feature enables a senior to contact a fam- ily member, medical doctor or health caregiver in case of an emergency.

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