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Software platform

We provide flexible dashboard solution, which delivers web-based insights and biometric data. Configurable for easy access from anywhere. With built-in prioritization mechanism which displays a quick overview of who needs medical attention and intervention. Our system consists of data collection, analytics and data processing, storage in the cloud and security. We apply our proprietary algorithms to deliver actionable insights based on personalized and predictive health models. As well as proven components for building our backend ensuring hyper-scalability and flexible design for our healthcare IoT solution. Our software platform currently displays 5 parameters and features and collects data every 15 minutes. These data include heart rate, blood pressure, activity, time and geolocation. We use advanced cloud technologies and access control to protect data information. Our digital system for health data management is GDPR compliant.

Data analytics & machine learning

With our analytics system based on machine learning, we transform raw signals into precise parameters and eventually into personalized insights. We deliver use case specific (predictive) data analytics, machine learning, and artificial Intelligence.

Wearable device

Our wearable product is simple, robust and easy to use for elderly patients. It’s a combination of wrist-worn, precise sensors in one single platform. There are no cables, calibration or tapes required. It is very comfortable to wear and it collects real-time data, 24/7. Currently, we monitor a few vital parameters: blood pressure, heart rate, and activity. With built-in ALARM and activation button on top. The platform itself is expandable. New parameters will soon be added, covering more measurements. Our device is now available as a health and fitness version, but in the future, it will be a medical device certified.
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